Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Signs of Shallow Times

We’ve been living in an easy time. Subsistence and creature comforts come to most with little effort. Whatever trials we experience are often fabricated of our own foolish choices.

Skepticism is easy and easy times breed skepticism. Thus the current whines and gripes directed at all things traditional, all seen through a muddy lense of relativism. Relativism and skepticism are cut of the same cloth.

In another social universe is skepticism’s opposite. The discovery and defense of truth is not easy and is not the product of easy times. So it is that times of struggle test the human spirit’s capacity for depth, refinement, and insight.

Skepticism is a child, spoiled and incapable of sound and honest judgement. Truth is an old soul, having seen the many lies tossed before us and able to judge them for the superficial nature they bare.

The superficial is skeptical, the timeless is true, and the course of existence is born of making the proper distinction between the two.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Political Correctness -- and Decency -- for Thee...but Not for Me

Will Robert De Niro be doing a video now calling Harvey Weinstien a "pig," and a "dog" and threatening to "punch [him] in the face"?

...Probably not. After all, Weinstien never threatened to reduce taxes, secure the country's borders, or, (gasp!) consider America's citizens' interests first.

The propaganda arm of leftism in America is sooo full of shit.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


You'd Be Crazy to Not Agree with Me

In many comment threads of late I've often come across the cliche' accusation that my opposing view is somehow an indicator that I'm either stupid or crazy in one way or another. When it isn't me or people who hold my position on a given topic, the current president is often the target of people who feel fully qualified to judge another's mental status based on where their opinions are on the political spectrum.

It's become fairly frequent for media venues to interview psychologists who can note with confidence that Donald Trump is a raving lunatic who must be removed from office to save the world from war, plague, aberrant weather, and four demons in the sky on horseback.

The "conservatives are crazy" meme is the same nonsense every college student gets in an introductory course in psychology. Students at some point are introduced to the concept of the "authoritarian personality" and the "F" scale" ("F" for "fascist" -get it?). College professors don't tell their gullible students that the partisan clown who introduced this bogus concept was Theodor Adorno, a cultural Marxist who found anyone to the right of himself as pathological -- hardly a new strategy among the leftist caste.

In the former Soviet Union, publicly questioning the wisdom of a collectivist police state could land one in a psychiatric facility. Anyone who obviously doesn't see that a sound mind loves Big Brother is obviously in need of "help."

The left didn't get -- and still doesn't get -- "what happened" in the last election. The decision of half the voting public was a giant pushback against bureau-bullies and genuine pathological authoritarian ideologues who, if they had their way, would create a society that micro-manages every aspect of one's life. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, et al had a better idea, and Trump was taking their side.

Every president has had their own specific idiosyncrasies that could be picked apart by the idiots in the psych profession who haven't figured out yet that none of us are completely sane, stable, or without flaw.

Yet, they can still throw words out like "narcissism" after eight years of equating the concept with "cool."

I believe the leftist industrial complex's emotional tirades against the thought of rolling back the punitive mega-state has become an "obsession."

...Is that pathological?

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